The award for the best strategy in customer orientation

Companies are increasingly under pressure to create a perceivable added value for their customers – more Customer Value. To do so, it is essential to know the customers‘ needs on the one hand and on the other to be prepared and capable of aligning oneself with the customer. But where and how can a company start?

To answer this question ServiceValue and its scientific partner, the renowned Institute of Insurance Economics of the University of St. Gallen, offer an innovative value model for the best strategy in customer orientation.

Strategic customer orientation:
Added value for customers and companies

Strategic customer orientation means gearing the company’s activities towards the customer. It is less about maximizing a certain customer service at any price – rather, the company has to concentrate on services which in the long term stabilize and strengthen the customer relationships. Thus, even a discounter without services may pursue an optimum strategy in terms of Customer Value and create a real added value for its customers. In this sense, customer orientation pays off for both sides and generates a real economic value both for the customer and the company.

The European Service Value Awards implement the idea of mutual creation of added value in practice. The basis is the empirically proven and scientifically validated „7K Modell“ from the Customer Value research of the University of St. Gallen, which has now been extended to include Customer Equity. This innovative value model allows for an integrated approach to observing the partnership relationship between customer and company.


[customer orientation] is concerned with the process of dual value creation, whereas the paradigm lies on creating value for the customer and, in the process, creating value for the firm.
W. Boulding et al., 2005, Journal of Marketing